Global MBA


原来的 MBA in International Luxury Brand Management 和 MBA in Hospitality Management 被合并到了Global MBA,作为这个项目的2个专业方向。






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授课1年 + 半年实习

硕士 / MBA / 学校文凭 / 中国教育部认可






IELTS 7 / TOEFL 100 / TOEIC 800




Being business savvy on your home turf is no longer enough. To succeed in today’s fast changing business world, global perspectives and intercultural competencies are essential. The ESSEC Global MBA aims to help you develop your creativity and problem-solving skills in a multicultural context, in very different business environments, and in a number of specialized areas of expertise.

The ESSEC Global MBA is a full-time MBA, offering six Majors with an overall emphasis on international markets. The digital impact currently experienced by all companies will be strongly present in the program giving it a unique structure.

  • International Luxury Brand Management (France)
  • Hospitality Management (France)
  • Finance (France)
  • Strategy & Management (France)
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Singapore)
  • Digital Business (Singapore)

You will focus on fundamental business concepts through strong academic and innovative learning approaches. You will also benefit from immersion in real-world projects and business situations through field trips and company visits, which will provide you with the skills needed to succeed in landing your future dream job.



International Luxury Brand Management

Under the aegis of the ESSEC Center for Luxury, Art, and Culture, the goal of this major is to help you develop and enhance your managerial abilities in order to successfully manage a luxury brand or product.

In the mid 1990’s, ESSEC Business School along with LVMH and L’Oréal recognized the growing demand for specialized individuals able to develop the luxury business in emerging markets and beyond. With this highly specialized focus, the international luxury brand management MBA became the first of its kind ever to be launched globally. Through this major, you will be able to take advantage of the years spent building the prestige of the luxury expertise and reputation of ESSEC, as well as strong industry partnerships.

By opening the door to a high-level specialization in International Luxury Brand Management, you gain direct professional interaction with the luxury industry. This major is modeled on highly demanding leadership training programs and targets those who are ready to fully engage in an intensive and hands-on educational experience.

Depending on your professional ambitions, you will be encouraged to further specialize in fashion and accessories, fragrances and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, wine and spirits, luxury cars.This major includes courses such as:

  • Design management;
  • Luxury retail management;
  • Understanding the Italian fashion market;
  • Understanding the Swiss watch market;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Consumer behavior/semiotics;
  • … and many more.


Hospitality Management

Originally named Institut de Management Hôtelier International (IMHI), this major originates from a joint venture between Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and ESSEC Business School, which lasted for 25 years. ESSEC’s expertise in hospitality management is renowned worldwide.

You will have the opportunity to tap into ESSEC’s wide networks in the hospitality field thanks to partnerships with industry leaders built over the past 34 years and our alumni working for international hospitality organizations. Demanding and thorough, this intensive major will add a new dimension to your career. You will benefit from the networking events, debates, organized by the ESSEC Center of Excellence in Smart Life, a unique opportunity to meet industry leaders, and recruitment teams from hospitality companies.

Hospitality has evolved into a highly competitive, complex and global business that offers exciting career opportunities. Our graduates work at senior management and corporate level in a diverse range of sectors including international hotel chains, independent hotels, restaurants, contract catering and food services, consultancies, online travel distribution, theme parks, convention and meeting planning, financial institutions and hospitality real estate consulting.

This major includes courses such as:

  • Principles of Hospitality real estate;
  • Hospitality luxury hotels; Revenue management;
  • Hospitality asset management;
  • Hospitality brand management;
  • Hospitality consulting in the restaurant business;
  • … and many more.

Strategy and Management

Since its inception, ESSEC has been at the frontier of management training drawing on a deep base of expertise from award-winning faculty. Armed with the resources and networks based in our world-class 17 Teaching and Research Chairs, 8 Centers of Excellence, and 6 Research Centers, this specialization provides a powerful professional impetus to enhance your managerial skills. Providing international exposure, both inside and outside the classroom, this specialization responds to companies’ need for managers with a global vision and cross-cultural competencies. Moving beyond the Cergy campus, within 20 minutes, you will have access to the bustling commercial center of La Defense where our Executive Education campus is also located, teeming with companies from a multitude of industries. If you want to learn to strategically navigate in a fast-paced international environment, empower yourself with this major!

You will tackle the many different, multi-faceted problems that business leaders face: sustainable development has to be part of business decisions in all industries today; internationalization strategies are vital to the future of most industries; and above all, digitalization is changing the way that companies think, produce and sell today.

You will have the opportunity to choose your electives from ESSEC’s complete (over 200) course catalog customizing your learning to your professional goals and objectives and gain a deeper expertise in a concentration like Strategy, Consulting, Marketing, Logistics, International Management, General Management, to name a few.

This major includes courses such as:

  • Digital marketing;
  • Supply chain tools and logistics;
  • Consumer behaviour;
  • Advanced Excel;
  • VBA programming;
  • Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • ...and many more.


ESSEC has been offering for a long time a cutting-edge training in Finance with more than 20 specific courses in its MSc in Management and most of its programs are partners of the CFA. Furthermore, ESSEC has always been ranked in the top-7 schools worldwide in the ranking of the Financial Times for the Masters in Finance. This international recognition is underpinned by research in very diversified areas of finance as Market Finance, Risk Management, Markets Microstructure, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Energy and Commodities, Private Equity, Real Estate, and so on. The Center of Excellence in Capital Markets and Regulation, the Finance chair, and the Amundi Chair contribute to activate a network of academics and practitioners who are eager to be at the forefront of innovation in all these fields of finance.

The finance professional of today is also expected to drive tangible business outcomes above and beyond the conventional paradigm of operational excellence and Control & Compliance. This demands an understanding and appreciation of the business reality of today which exists in the realm of cross-functional interdependencies, collaboration across time zones and dynamics resource allocation. The finance professional needs to not only redefine his capabilities and experiences in the pursuit of value protection and creation, but also ground it in a multi-disciplinary perspective.

This is a highly intensive and demanding major for those with a keen interest and passion for all matters financial, and a demonstrable commitment to develop the skills to succeed in this area.

This major includes courses such as:

  • Financial policy;
  • Corporate Financial Management;
  • Firm valuation;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Financial Markets;
  • Options and applications;
  • …and many more.