MSc Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management



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授课1年 + 半年实习(2年制MSC

硕士 / 学校文凭 / 中国教育部认可

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IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 92 / TOEIC 830





The MSc in Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management gives students the tools, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in business events and tourism - global economic sectors of increasing importance.

The specific objectives of the course are to advance students’ leadership skills, to develop understanding of strategy, gain a thorough appreciation of the nature and characteristics of users of business events and of leisure visitors, and to provide students with the management, marketing and knowledge management tools so that they can lead the way in this rapidly changing environment.

Strategic Events Management track

It is tailor-made for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions/Events) industry following extensive consultation with leading professionals in the field. The track profiles stakeholders within the industry (corporate, government and association clients, venues and event services and destinations) and follows market trends. It also focuses on teaching specialist strategic skills in the areas of management, finance, IT and sales and marketing in the events and meetings management profession.

Strategic Tourism Management track

It is multidisciplinary rather than built around specific areas such as travel or hospitality. Global strategic tourism issues and techniques are focussed on, producing graduates who are able to choose from a variety of careers in, and related to, tourism management and marketing. Speciality areas cover tourism marketing, as well as the application of I.T. tools in leisure tourism marketing and management.


This MSc cuts across a number of disciplines, presented in two separate tracks: Strategic Event Management and Strategic Tourism Management. Graduates of this MSc find work in a broad range of supervisory, managerial and consulting positions in both public and private sector tourism or event organisations, often with a marketing and sales orientation.

Within a relatively short time span after graduating, Event Management alumni can be expected to go on to managerial posts within conference centres, international associations, professional conference organisers, destination management companies, convention bureaux, exhibition organisers etc. Similarly, Tourism Management graduates can go on to positions in destination, hotel, travel or distribution marketing and sales.



Semester 1 第一学期
Contemporary Business Strategy: Case studies & site inspections 现代商业战略:案例分析和现场调查
Contemporary Business Strategy: The Global Nature of Tourism and Events 现代商业战略:旅游和活动的全球本质
Financial Decision Making 制定财务决策
Gaining Insights Through Numbers 通过数字了解情况
International Economic Policy for Tourism & Events 旅游和活动行业的国际经济政策
Talent Management 人力资源管理
Preparing your career 活动和旅游行业中的战略营销
Semester 2 第二学期
Basics of Revenue Management 基础收入管理
Sales & Customer Relationship Marketing 销售和客户关系营销
Strategic Marketing Projects 战略营销项目

Event Management Track 会展和活动管理方向

Semester 1 第一学期
Budgeting and Sponsorship for Event Projects 会展活动项目的预算和赞助
Convention Bureau Management and Marketing 会展管理和营销
MICE - The Business Events Industry Stakeholders 商务会展活动行业的不同角色
Semester 2 第二学期
Digital Marketing and Event Technology 数字营销和会展活动技术
Event Marketing 会展和活动管理
Facility Management 物业管理
Meeting Essentials 会务基本要素

Tourism Management Track 旅游管理方向

Semester 1 第一学期
International Accounting & Control in Tourism 旅游行业的会计和控制
Visitor Behaviour 参观者的行为
Tourism destination management and marketing 旅游目的地管理和营销
Semester 2 第二学期
Advanced Revenue Management 高级收入管理
Digital Marketing and Tourism Technology 数字营销和旅游科技
Distribution in Tourism 旅游行业的分销
Hospitality Business Game 酒店商业游戏

Electives 选修课 选2-4门

Semester 1 第一学期
Excel for Business Excel
Scenario Planning in Events and Tourism 旅游和酒店行业的方案计划
Team Management 团队管理
The PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) Business 专业会展活动组织者
The Sharing Economy in Tourism and Events 旅游和会展活动行业的共享经济
Hotel Business Models 酒店商业模型
Time Management 时间管理
Semester 2 第二学期
Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Events 旅游和会展活动行业的创业
International Risk Management and Crisis Management 国际风险管理和危机管理
Service Design 服务设计
Sports Event Management 体育活动管理