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授课1年 + 半年实习(2年制MSC

硕士 / 学校文凭 / 中国教育部认可

9月 / 1月

巴黎 / 美国 / 苏州 / 巴西



IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL 92 / TOEIC 830



SKEMA商学院的国际商务专业充分利用了学校在不同国家有校区的特性,分为了3个不同的方向:Doing Business in Europe(法国校区),Doing Business in America(美国校区),和Doing Business in Asia(中国校区)。学生可以每个学期选择在一个校区学习。项目的教授来自于世界各地,都是企业的资深管理人或是创业者。项目采取小班教学,一个班级由来自世界各地的大约25个学生组成,能够使学生之间以及学生和老师之间有很好的沟通和分享机会。

Our one-year multi-campus programme is designed for future global business leaders, providing students with the necessary general management and multicultural skills and knowledge. Each semester, students can study at a different SKEMA campus in Asia, Europe or America; students gain real exposure and experience in different markets.

The same disciplines are taught in each campus, with strong localisation relevant to the location. The autumn/fall semester focuses on globalisation and the way that the region —the Americas, Asia, or Europe— deals with globalisation. In the spring semester, course content on each campus is totally specific to the region.

Our professors come from all around the globe. They are entrepreneurs, innovators, research directors, CEOs, VPs of marketing, directors of finance; and they have worldwide reputations in their fields.
Classes are small enough to allow for close personal contact with teachers and classmates. In recent years, MSc IB classes have been made up of students of some 25, or so, countries. This highly international class composition transforms projects and team work into valuable cross-cultural working and learning experiences.

The teaching approach is applied and participatory: real projects with businesses are carried out so students are operational, employable managers by the time they graduate.

Students on this MSc will understand the challenges and issues associated with sharing knowledge and innovation across borders and continents. The programme strikes the balance between practical business applications and cutting-edge research and ideas.

Core courses provide the knowledge to survive in the global knowledge economy:

  • how industries change and firms compete
  • how markets should be managed and financial decisions made 
  • how to cope with diversity and legal issues


Graduates are easily employable in a broad range of firms and organisations from exporting SMEs and multinational companies, b2b and b2c, to international government agencies and NGOs. The hiring companies are from diverse sectors: consulting, manufacturing, banking and insurance, and logistics. An MSc IB graduate may work as an international product manager, business operations manager, international business development manager, export-area sales manager, international sourcing manager, international purchaser, strategic consultant, international project manager etc.


Semester 1 第一学期
Importing and Exporting in a Global Market 国际市场的进出口
International Project Management 国际项目管理
Internationalisation of the Firm 企业的国际化
Managing Multicultural Teams 管理多文化团队
International Marketing Management 国际营销管理
Global Stakeholders Management 国际相关利益者管理
Open Innovation for Global Entrepreneurs 国际企业家的公开创新
The Geopolitics of Europe 欧洲地缘政治
Employability and Career 就业和职业
Semester 2 第二学期
International Finance 国际金融
International Business Simulation: SKEMA sim 国际商业模拟
Advanced Strategy 高级战略
European Legal Issues for Business 商业的欧洲法律问题
Global Product Development and Management 国际产品拓展和管理
International Human Resources Management 国际人力资源管理
Research Methods 研究方法
Risk & Crisis Management for Global Businesses 国际商务的风险和危机管理
Negotiation Practice 谈判实践
Employability and Career 就业和职业