Master in Management - Program Grande Ecole

企业合作学习项目 - Chair Program

A Chair is a partnership established between faculty (teaching staff) and one or several corporate sponsors. The objectives of a Chair are to develop and support research in a particular area of expertise, encourage and facilitate networking opportunities and exchanges, and more importantly provide skills and experience to train future leaders in the field… that’s you! As part of the Chair, you will do the following:

  • follow elective courses
  • take part in seminars
  • visit and meet up with companies
  • get access to a whole range of internship offers
  • attend and help organise conferences
  • go on study trips
  • network, network, network!

Faculty Teaching and Research Chairs allow students to follow a special track in the area of their choice that combines theory (through academic courses) and practice (through the close partnerships with the Chair’s corporate sponsors). Four leadership Faculty Chairs are currently offered in English: LVMH, ssanofi-aventis Therapeutic Innovation, Innovation & Services, Private Equity, Diversity & Performance, KPMG Financial Reporting.


  • LVMH Chair    详细信息
  • Chair of Therapeutic Innovation
  • Leadership and Diversity Chair
  • Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair
  • Institute for Service Innovation & Strategy (Research)


  • Chaire Communication et Stratégies de Marque
  • Chaire Media & Entertainment
  • Chaire ESSEC Finance
  • Chaire de Grande Consommation
  • Chaire Vente et Stratégie Marketing
  • Chaire Internationale de Marketing Sportif
  • Chaire Immobilier et Développement Durable
  • Chaire d’Economie Urbaine
  • Chaire Entrepreneuriat Social
  • Chaire Armand Peugeot (Research)
  • Chiare du Changement (Research)
  • Chaire Edgar Morin de la Complexité (Research)
  • Chaire Philanthropie (Research)