Master in Management - Program Grande Ecole

第二年 - 专业细分

During the second master year, students can choose to concentrate on one or two specialisation topics, or create a bespoke customised syllabus from the rich catalogue of elective modules.

Specialisation topics are either 120 hours or 240 hours, covering either a semester or full year. Available specialisation topics vary between campuses and are language specific, so this can shape the decision of study locations in the second year. 


专业名称 授课语言 授课时间
Finance Fall Semester
Research in management Fall Semester
International business development Fall Semester
Performance management systems Spring Semester
Public management Spring Semester
International consulting career Spring Semester
Marketing manager 1 Year
Droit et finance Fall Semester
Economie 1 Year
Entrepreneuriat Fall Semester
Finance 1 Year
Finance d'entreprise 1 Year
Finance de marché Spring Semester
Ressources humaines 1 Year
Information financière et audit Fall Semester
Innovation Spring Semester
Management de l'édition 1 Year
Management des industrie culturelle et médiatiques Fall Semester
Stratégie et conseil Fall Semester
Supply Chain et achat 1 Year


专业名称 授课语言 授课时间 授课校区
Business consulting Spring Semester London
Creativity marketing management Spring Semester London
International Business 1 Fall Semester Belin
International Business 2 Spring Semester Belin
Sustainability Fall Semester Belin
Marketing and digital strategy Fall Semester Madrid
Communication and new media Spring Semester Madrid
Social entrepreneurship Fall Semester Madrid