Master in Management - Program Grande Ecole



Management fundamentals consolidation and international mobility (Global Track) Students reach an advanced level in each main subject (marketing, finance, management, strategy ...) and prepare for their future specialisations. Students may also choose elective courses to individualise their course as well as doing SKEMA DNA courses.

For students who have previously completed management training courses (marketing, finance, management, economics and management, etc.), an Advanced Business Management semester (on a French campus) may be undertaken followed by a Global Business Environment semester (on the globalised economy) done on our non-French campuses. Students may also choose an in-company semester (in France or abroad).

For students who have previously completed a training course in disciplines other than management (law, science, literature, etc.), an Introduction to Business Management semester is undertaken (on a French campus) and an Advanced Business Management semester is undertaken (on all SKEMA campuses).



Advanced Business Management 高级商业管理课程
Strategy 战略
Marketing of Innovation 创新营销
Organisation & Management 组织机构和管理
Corporate Finance 企业金融
Operations & IS 运营和信息系统
Sustainable Performance 可持续绩效
French 法语
Online Introduction to Business Management 线上商科导论课程 - 针对非商科背景的学生
Marketing 市场营销
Finance 金融学
Statistics 统计学
Sociology & Economics 社会学和经济
International Business Law 国际商法
Project Management 项目管理
French 法语


Global Business Environment 国际商业环境
Technology & Innovation Management 科技和创新管理
International Business 国际商务
US/China Corporata Governance 美国和中国的企业治理
Multiculture Management 多文化管理
International Negotiation 国际谈判
Offshoring & Outsourcing 生产转移和外包
French 法语