Master in Management - Program Grande Ecole


During the second year, students acquire a specialisation. This final-year specialisation and internship are key to employability.

This year’s teaching and content is entirely in English as part of an MSc (for students enrolled in the “3rd Cycle” programmes and Specialised Masters, teaching is also carried out in French).

Students may do this year on any of SKEMA’s campuses worldwide (one semester or one year), in academic exchange (one semester or one year), as a double degree (“Master 2” with our partners) or in apprenticeship (all French campuses ).


学生可以选择一个以下的MSc就读,并且获得MIM + MSc双学位

Auditing/ Management Accounting/ Info Systems 审计/管理会计/信息系统
Corporate Financial Management 企业金融管理
Financial Markets & Investments 金融市场和投资
Digital Marketing 数字营销
Global Luxury Management 国际奢侈品管理
International Hospitality Management 国际酒店管理
International Marketing & Business Development 国际营销和商务拓展
Luxury and Fashion Management 奢侈品和时尚管理
Strategic Event & Tourism Management 战略活动管理和旅游管理
Business Consulting & Info Systems Management 商务咨询和信息系统管理
International HR and Performance Management 国际人力资源和绩效管理
Project / Program Mgmt & Business Development 项目管理和商务拓展
Supply Chain Management & Purchasing 供应链管理和采购
Entrepreneurship & Innovation 创业和创新
International Strategy & Influence 国际战略和影响
International Business 国际商务
Digital Business 电子商务
Engineering Management 工程管理


Auditing, Management Control and Finance 审计,管理控制和金融
International Hospitality Management 国际酒店管理
3 specialisations in Auditing – Finance – Management – Taxation 3个审计,金融,管理,税收的专业方向
2 specialisations in Project Management – Logistics – Organisation 2个项目管理,物流,组织机构的专业方向
2 specialisations in Marketing - Communication 2个市场营销,传播的专业方向
1 specialisation in Human Resources 1个人力资源管理的专业方向
International Asset Management 国际资产管理
Sustainable Business Models 可持续商业模型
International Hospitality Management 国际酒店管理